The Franklin Township Civic League has asked us to help promote this upcoming event.  Since you’ll already be in town for Old Settlers Day, be sure to stop by and see this amazing photo collection and presentation!

The Franklin Township Civic League is honored to present Dr. Hitwant Sidhu, P.E.D. Please join us for an Open House on Sunday, June 24th from 2:00-4:00pm in the Civic League Community Room, 8822 Southeastern Avenue.

Dr. Sidhu will make a presentation at 2:00pm and would like to invite all former students, coworkers and the entire Franklin Township community to come.

Dr. Sidhu has been a township resident for over 50 years and will be sharing how so many people have touched his life.  He has amassed an awesome collection of signed photographs that will be on display.  Come and find out about the life of this most interesting person!

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