Remembrances: Happiness Cake

Today, we bring you one of Sylvia Henricks’ “Remembrances.” You can read more of Sylvia’s columns weekly in The Franklin Township Informer, or in her book From The Ash Grove.

Advice is probably the most universally available commodity. It comes in all shapes, sizes, and degrees of intensity. Although our preference is to give advice, we sometimes listen to it, too, and perhaps even follow it if it is not too far out of line with what we already think. Hundreds of thousands of words have been written as well as spoken passing along “a word of advice.” How-to books are everywhere, all urging the reader to follow the advice of the author (usually a specialist either by training or experience who “knows what he’s talking about”), and achieve success, happiness, a weed-free lawn, financial security, well-behaved children, or peace of mind.

Sometimes the form advice comes in is its most intriguing aspect. Instead of a straightforward presentation, the use of a different medium of expression catches the reader’s attention and thereby instructs him or her. This “recipe” for happiness speaks to persons at home in kitchens who know that a good cake is more than the simple sum of its ingredients.

Happiness Cake

1C Good thought
1C Consideration for others
2C Well-beaten faults
1C Kind deeds
2C Sacrifice
3C Forgiveness

Mix thoroughly, add tears of joy, sorrow and sympathy. Flavor with love and kindly service. Fold into daily life. Take well with the warmth of human kindness and serve with a smile anytime. It will satisfy the hunger of a starved soul.

This “Recipe to Live by” I found in an Amish Cookbook. “Blend one cup of love and one half cup of kindness, add alternately in small portions one cup of appreciation and three cups of pleasant companionship into which has been sifted three teaspoons of deserving praise.

Flavor with one teaspoon carefully chosen advice. Lightly fold in one cup of cheerfulness to which has been added a pinch of sorrow. Pour with tender care into small clean hearts and let bake until well matured. Turn out on the surface of society, humbly invoke God’s blessing and it will serve all mankind.”

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