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Former Big Run Baptist Church, now FTHS Meeting House, built 1878.

Did You Know? Original Big Run Baptist Church

Did You Know? …That the first of the Big Run Baptist Church’s buildings was a frame structure, built in the fall of 1849, shortly after the church was organized in 1848? It was 28 by 40 feet, and cost $1,000….
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Did You Know? Auto Polo

Did You Know? …That Auto Polo was once a popular spectator sport, and for at least one man who later lived in Franklin Township, a sport in which he participated. The game was said to have been invented around 1912…
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John Wanamaker

Did You Know? The History of Franklin Township, Part 1

It is always a challenge, when recounting the history of an area, to know where to begin. There are long stretches of our land’s past of which we have little or no historic record, including the hundreds of years that Native Americans inhabited…
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Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet, pioneer in deaf education, for whom the town was named.

Did You Know? Gallaudet

DID YOU KNOW? … that Gallaudet was a planned town along the route of the Indianapolis and Cincinnati Railroad tracks laid in 1852? Henry Brown, who owned land along Franklin Road, allowed the railroad to go through his property provided they…
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Did You Know? Marion County Fair

DID YOU KNOW? …that the Marion County Fair had its beginning as a Harvest Festival sponsored by the members of the New Bethel Baptist Church, Wanamaker, Indiana, on July 30, 1931? The first year, the planners closed the main street…
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