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What We Did In 2016

In addition to maintaining our building and preserving our donated historical items, in 2016 the Franklin Township Historical Society: Celebrates our 41st year with the 2016 Annual Harvest Dinner, gathering at the south side MCL with a presentation on Franklin…
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What We Did In 2014

Let us celebrate!  We are solvent, sane, and still committed to our original goals – preserving and promoting the history of Franklin Township, Marion County, Indiana, U.S.A.!  Our valued treasurer, Dana Crapo, assures us we have money in the bank,…
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What We Did in 2010

Every year, the president of the Franklin Township Historical Society compiles a summary of the year’s events. Here is this year’s wrap-up from FTHS president Diana Stevenson. Sages say that “time flies when you’re having fun,” and Franklin Township Historical…
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