New Kitchen Display in Meeting House

We’ve spent much of this year rearranging revamping our exhibits in the Meeting House. It’s a big project, and will take a long time to complete, but we’re making good progress!

Our latest fresh exhibit is a new kitchen display showing what a rural kitchen of century ago might look like. The display features a Hoosier-style cabinet, our new antique cookstove, a butter churn, a work table, and many antique kitchen tools that had previously been in storage and were not on display. Many of these tools span decades of invention and improvements — for example, we have a Victorian hand-held bread toaster (designed to be held over a fire), a pyramid gas range toaster (designed to be placed over a gas burner), and an early electric model that folds out flat all on display together!

Next time you visit the Meeting House, be sure to take a look at this and other developing exhibits!

old-fashioned farm kitchen display