Vintage Pictures: Acton, Indiana

Thanks to Eric Uehlein for sharing some more classic township photos!



  1. Jane Newland Riegling

    Looking for any info, photos of Acton Park-circa 1903. I have just been entrusted with the Marriage Certificate of my paternal grandparents – John T. Newland and Estella M. Bradford. The document has a seal and indicates that they were married at Acton Park on July 20, 1903. Was this an occasion that took place OFTEN? The paper also shows that the minister was a D.A. Robertson. Would there have been some type of Methodist Church Encampment? Relatives wo might have these answers are no longer with us. Thank you

    1. Alena (Post author)

      We may have photos of the park from that era we can send you digitally. Please email so we can reply directly to your request.

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